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At Les Caboulis donkeys can be rented for everyone’s amusement.
Our donkeys look very much like the Provence breed. We have four animals :
"Cocoboy" the old man, "Rosy" the grandmother, "Thorgal" the biggest and

These really clever animals will accompany you on your mountain trips.
They can carry your luggage or offer your children a ride.
 Practical information :
 from 25th Jun till 14th Jul and
 from 25th Aug till 17 Sep:
 walks only possible on Friday,
 Saturday and Sunday ;
 from 14 July till 20 August :
 walks every day except on
 Monday and Tuesday (free
 days for our donkeys).
 Renting for several days is
 not possible and can only be
 done during the opening days
 of the restaurant. The donkeys
 have to be picked up between
 10am and 11am.
 The rental is only possible
 with a prior 24 hour

 Children below 5 years must
 be accompanied by 2 adults.
 We disclaim all liability in case
 of fall.
 Our donkeys are human
 beings with their variable
 humors. They can be
 stubborn, it's not a myth !

 Rental price :
 40 CHF per donkey till 3 hrs ;
 70 CHF per donkey over 3 hrs.
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